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Gas-Liquid Membrane Contactors for Acid Gas Removal: Recent Advances & Future Challenges

11:00 - 11:30 Level 0, between bld. 4 and 5

The interest to remove CO2 from gas streams such as natural gas and biogas to obtain fuel with enhanced energy content and prevent corrosion problems in the gas transportation system, in addition to CO2 implications to the climate change, have driven the development of CO2 separation technologies. One type of membrane-based technology which has attracted considerable attention during past decades is hollow fiber gas-liquid membrane contactor, as it shows great potential for CO2 separation when combined with the chemical absorbent process. The membrane contactor utilizes hydrophobic microporous membranes to provide a large interfacial area to separate the liquid phase and the gas phase. Surface hydrophobicity is important to prevent the pores from being filled or partially filled by the liquid absorbent in order to ensure an efficient mass transfer process. In this talk, the key challenges for the development of membrane contactor will be addressed, followed by the presentation of our work on developing various strategies to make hydrophobic microporous membranes, including wet-chemical hydrophobic modification, fluorinated nanoparticles incorporation, and inorganic-organic composite membrane formation via in-situ vapor induced hydrolyzation. The future opportunities for achieving breakthrough in membrane contactor that can lead to large scale practical applications are also highlighted.