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Employing Supramolecular Chemistry to Engineer New Microporous Materials

12:00 - 12:30 Level 0, between bld. 4 and 5

Nanoassembeling of organic/inorganic hybrid materials and control of morphologies at the nano level have become the prerequisites for microporous materials that are widely used for different kind of applications. Cyclodextrin, Pillararenes and cucubirtules are known macrocycles that have been used for different application such as separation and sensing, based on the physical and chemical nature of the cavity of the macrocycles. Such a macrocycles were used to supramolecular assemble pore structure of the organic/inorganic hybrid materials. Different macrocycles based organo-silica precursor were synthesized and used to fabricate periodic microporous organosilica materials at the nanoscale level. The organic functional groups, i.e. macrocycles in the frameworks of these solids allow tuning of the surface properties and modification of the bulk properties of the nanomaterials. We present herein our efforts in developing a versatile toolbox employing supramolecular chemistry that is capable of precisely nanostructuring multi-component organic./inorganic hybrid materials through self-assembly processes.