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Flexibility in MOFs: An Academic Curiosity or Real Potential in Applications?

10:00 - 22:30 Level 0, between bld. 4 and 5

One of the particularities of Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs) is their compliancy. One of the forms that this can take is structural flexibility where it is possible to transit from one form to another with potential variations in unit cell volume and accessible porosity. Examples of this range from jungle-jim structures and interdigitated layers with phenomena known as gate opening or breathing for example. A recent study has shown that negative cell expansion can occur gas adsorption.
Several groups have deeply investigated these phenomena and our group has equally made diverse contributions to this topic area. Notably our group has studied :
(i) gas separation,
(ii) gas storage, and
(iii) mechanical energy storage.
This contribution will resume some the authors contributions to this field with the aim to give the audience an honest perspective of the interest of flexibility for the above topics, but also the pitfalls that that such fascination behavior need to overcome. Finally one perspective study will be briefly discussed.