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Customized Hollow Fiber Membranes for Efficient Gas Separation

09:30 - 10:00 Level 0, between bld. 4 and 5

​​​In membrane separation processes value for the customer is often directly linked to separation performance of the membrane module. Naturally, the key component of the membrane module is the membrane material itself. For polymeric membranes this will usually be either in form of flat sheets or hollow fibers. While module concepts and membrane types can be different, obtaining good separation performance will rely on two factors. One factor is the ability to control intrinsic properties of the polymer and the second factor is the ability to control the membrane formation process (fig. 1). With the control of both factors it is possible to come up with a superior membrane product. This is where competencies of a specialty chemicals company like Evonik can contribute to unique membrane solutions for the market which will be addressed in the first part of the presentation.


Figure 1 – Tailor intrinsic properties according to application needs

The second part of the presentation will show the influence of high performing membranes on different industrial applications of gas separation membranes. Currently, the most important applications of gas separation membranes are in the generation of nitrogen, hydrogen recovery, air drying, and removal of sour gases from natural gas. These applications continue to show significant annual growth rates. Newer applications are the upgrading or recovery of helium as well as the upgrading of biogas which will be described in more detail.