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Dr. Karim Adil
Dr. Karim Adil KAUST, Saudi Arabia


​Dr. Karim Adil holds a master of chemistry degree (2002) from the University of Versailles and PhD in solid-state chemistry (2005) from the University of Le Mans, in France. During his PhD, his work was mainly dedicated to the synthesis and characterization of fluorinated organic-inorganic materials based on original fluorinated inorganic building blocks. After one year as lecturer, he was appointed assistant professor in the Institute of Molecules and materials of Le Mans University in 2006 where his work was dedicated to the fabrication of new fluorinated MOFs and their characterization using "SMARTER" crystallography (combination of powder diffractometry, solid-state NMR and modeling). In 2013, he joined the FMD3 group of Prof. Eddaoudi at KAUST as research scientist to develop new MOF materials for gas related applications and especially gas separation.

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  • Day 1Monday, February 20th
Session 2: Advanced Porous Functional Materials/Modeling I
3:30 pm

Fluorinated Ultra-microporous MOFs for Gas Separation Applications

The development of new adsorbents for gas separation related applications is of prime importance mainly for those that are performed using high energy-demanding process such as cryogenic separation. Research groups in both academia and industry have developed remarkable porous materials that can address such challenges. Among all of them, Ultra-microporous MOFs are now well recognized to be good candidates for separating molecules with close physical properties. Practically, the choice of adsorbent is governed by the pore size/shape aperture size of the MOF or by the expected interactions between the framework and the molecules. Here, the talk will emphasize on how the implementation of fluorine chemistry is a powerful pathway for fabricating a new series of ultra-microporous MOF adsorbent that displays both the right structural size/shape features and appropriate functionality for targeting important and complicated separations such as carbon capture or olefin/paraffin.

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