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Prof. Christian Serre
Prof. Christian Serre CNRS/ESPCI, Paris, France


​Christian got his PhD in 1999 at University of Versailles, France. He became a CNRS researcher in 2000 in the group of prof. Gerard Férey, at Institut Lavoisier, a joint CNRS-University of Versailles St Quentin (France). He took the lead of the Porous Solids team in 2009 as a CNRS Director of Research. Christian moved recently to create within Paris a new Institute of Porous Materials, at the interface between CNRS, the Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS) and the Physics and Chemistry Engineer School of Paris (ESPCI). Christian is a renowned expert in the design, structural characterization and applications in heath, energy and environment of robust Metal Organic Frameworks. He has published so far more than 260 articles and 15 patents. Christian got the CNRS bronze medal in 2006, a European Research Council starting grant in 2008, the French chemical society solid state chemistry award in 2010 and very recently the Berthelot medal and Fondé par l'Etat award of the French academy of Science.

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  • Day 2Tuesday, February 21st
Session 3: Advanced Porous Functional Materials/Modeling II
9:30 am

Titanium Based Metal Organic Frameworks for Energy Related Applications

Titanium based Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs) are one of the most difficult systems to investigate due to the very high chemical reactivity of titanium cations in solution. Developing Ti based MOFs that combine the very good photocatalytic or photoconductive properties of Ti oxoclusters or TiO2 is thus still a great challenge. We report here our recent progresses in this domain from new Ti phenolate based systems to the discovery of a unique Ti oxide nanorod based porous MOF with promising photoconductive properties. We will also describe preliminary photocatalytic or photoconductivity tests.

Level 0, between bld. 4 and 5 09:30 - 10:00 Details