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Prof. Christian Doonan
Prof. Christian Doonan University of Adelaide, Australia


‚ÄčChristian Doonan was born in Melbourne, Australia and received in undergraduate and PhD degrees from the University of Melbourne. Christian was introduced to MOFs in the laboratory of Prof. Omar Yaghi at UCLA. Subsequent to this he moved to the University of Adelaide where he is now Professor and Director of the Centre for Advanced Nanomaterials. Christian's awards include an Australian Research Council Future Fellowship 2010, Japan-Australia Emerging Leaderer Program 2013, a JSPS visiting fellowship in 2014 and the Chemical Society of Japan International Lectureship award 2015.

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  • Day 2Tuesday, February 21st
Session 3: Advanced Porous Functional Materials/Modeling II
11:00 am

Inorganic Chemistry in MOF Pores

Metal-organic Framework (MOFs) materials are well known for their ultra-high surface areas and gas storage and separation properties. One strategy for enhancing the performance characteristics of MOFs is to post-synthetically line the pores with metal ions. This talk will canvass our efforts to understand the reactivity of these metal ions in the pore space of MOFs and will highlight how reactions in confined spaces can lead to unexpected reactivity.

Level 0, between bld. 4 and 5 11:00 - 11:30 Details