Research Interests

​Analog Electronic Circuits, Bio-Impedance, Bio-Materials, Energy Storage Devices, Fractional-Order Components and Systems

Selected Publications

  • Synthesis and Optimization of Fractional-Order Elements Using a Genetic Algorithm
    A. Kartci, A. Agambayev, M. Farhat, N. Herencsar, L. Brančík, H. Bagci, and K. N. Salama
    IEEE Access, 7: 8023380246, (2019)
  • Electronically Reconfigurable Two-Path Fractional-Order PI/D Controller Employing Constant Phase Blocks Based on Bi...
    R. Sotner, J. Jerabek, A. Kartci, O. Domansky, N. Herencsar, V. Kledrowetz, B. B. Alagoz, ...
    Microelectronics Journal, 86: 114129, (2019)
  • Series-, Parallel-, and Inter-Connection of Solid-State Arbitrary Fractional-Order Capacitors: Theoretical Study an...
    A. Kartci, A. Agambayev, N. Herencsar, and K. N. Salama
    IEEE Access, 6:1093310943, (2018)
  • Phase Shift Keying Modulator Design Employing Electronically Controllable All-Pass Sections
    A. Kartci, R. Sotner, J. Jerabek, N. Herencsar, and J. Petržela
    Analog Integrated Circuits and Signal Processing, 89(3): 781800, (2016)

Education Profile

  • ​Ph.D., Electronics and Communications, Brno University of Technology, Brno, Czech Republic, 2019
  • M.Sc., Electronics and Communication Engineering, Yildiz Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey, 2015

Professional Profile

  • ​2020 – present: Postdoctoral Fellow, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Thuwal, Saudi Arabia
  • 2016 – 2019: Teaching&Research Assistant, Brno University of Technology, Brno, Czech Republic
  • 2012 – 2014: R&D Engineer, TSK-Komax, Tekirdag, Turkey

Scientific and Professional Memberships

  • ​Member of Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE)