Research Interests

​Synthesis and modification of organic polymer materials. Preparation and characterization of membranes for high temperature and organic solvent resistant applications.

Selected Publications

  • Solvent and thermal resistant ultrafiltration membranes from alkyne-functionalized high-performance polymers
    Pulido, B., Chisca, S., Nunes, S.P.
    Journal of Membrane Science, (2018)
  • Post-modification of acetylene functional poly(oxindole biphenylylene) by photoinduced CuAAC
    Arslan, M., Bicak, T.C., Pulido, B.A., Nunes, S.P., Yagci, Y.
    European Polymer Journal, (2018)
  • Porous polymeric membranes with thermal and solvent resistance
    Pulido, B.A., Waldron, C., Zolotukhin, M.G., Nunes, S.P.
    Journal of Membrane Science, (2017)

Education Profile

  • ​B.Sc. (2012) & M.Sc. (2014), Chemistry, UNAM, Mexico

Professional Profile

  • ​2011-2014: Chemistry Teacher, College of Chemistry & School of Medicine, UNAM, Mexico
  • 2012: Content Developer - Office of Comprehensive Educational Assesment, UNAM, Mexico
  • 2011: Auditor Assitant - Environmental Engineering and Quality Processes, Mexico

Scientific and Professional Memberships

  • ​​​Materials Research Society (MRS)
  • Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC)
  • European Membrane Society (EMS)


  • ​2013 Best Poster Award at International Congress of Polymeric Materials POLYMAT 2013
  • 2012 Industrial Emergency Brigades Tournament ANIQ 2012