Research Interests

​My research is focused on membrane technology for oil-water separation and desalination using renewable energy sources.

Selected Publications

  • Tannin-inspired robust fabrication of superwettability membranes for highly efficient separation of oil-in-water em...
    C. S. Ong, Y. Shi, J. Chang, F. Alduraiei, Z. Ahmed, and P. Wang
    Separation and Purification Technology, 227, 115657, (2019)
  • Polydopamine as a versatile adhesive layer for robust fabrication of smart surface switchable superwettability for...
    C.S. Ong, Y. Shi, J. Chang, F. Alduraiei, Z. Ahmed, and P. Wang
    ACS Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, 58(12), 4838-4843, (2019)
  • Anti-fouling double- skinned forward osmosis membrane with zwitterionic brush for oily wastewater treatment
    C.S. Ong*, Y.S. Ong, P.S. Goh, W.J. Lau, G.S. Lai, A.F. Ismail and B. Al-anzi
    Scientific Report, 7: 6904, (2017)
  • Nanomaterials for biofouling and scaling mitigation of TFC membrane: A review
    C.S. Ong, P.S. Goh, W.J. Lau, N. Misdan and A.F. Ismail
    Desalination, 393: 2-15 , (2016)
  • Investigation of submerged membrane photocatalytic reactor (sMPR) operating parameters during oily wastewater treat...
    C.S. Ong, W.J. Lau*, P.S. Goh, B.C. Ng, and A.F. Ismail
    Desalination, 353: 48-56, (2014)
  • The Impacts of Various Operating Conditions on Submerged Membrane Photocatalytic Reactor (SMPR) for Org...
    C.S. Ong*, W.J. Lau, P.S. Goh, B.C. Ng, A.F. Ismail and C.M. Choo
    RSC Advances, 5: 97335-97348, (2015)

Education Profile

  • ​Ph.D., Energy Engineering, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), Malaysia, 2012-2015
  • B.S., Chemical Engineering, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR), Malaysia, 2008-2012

Professional Profile

  • ​December 2017 - Present: Postdoctoral fellow, KAUST, Thuwal, Saudi Arabia
  • January 2017 - November 2017: Research Associate, Kuwait University, Kuwait
  • August 2015 - December 2016: Lecturer, Segi University, Malaysia

Scientific and Professional Memberships

  • ​Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM)
  • The Institute of Engineers Malaysia (IEM)
  • Associate member of Institute of Chemical Engineering (AMIChemE)


  • ​Best Researcher Award Year 2015 of Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment, SEGi University, Malaysia
  • Best PhD Student Award in conjunction with 55th  UTM convocation.
  • First Class Award in conjunction with 10th  UTAR Convocation Ceremony.