Research Interests

Design, synthesis and application of new organic compounds in metal-organic frameworks construction. Optimization of synthesis of ligands for metal-organic frameworks and porous organic polymers.

Selected Publications

  • Low catalyst loadings in self-metathesis of 1-dodecene
    J. Czaban, B. M. Schertzer, K. Grela
    Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis, 355, 1997-2006, (2013)
  • Olefin metathesis: from academic concepts to industrial applications
    K.L. Grela, J. Czaban, C. Torborg
    Sustainable Catalysis: Challenges and Practice for the Pharmaceutical & Fine Che..., (2013)
  • Batchwise and continuous nanofiltration of POSS®-tagged Grubbs-Hoveyda type olefin metathesis catalysts
    A. Kajetanowicz, J. Czaban, G.J. Krishnan, M. Malińska, K. Woźniak, H. Siddique, L.G. Peev...
    ChemSusChem, 1, 182-192, (2013)
  • Force field parametrization and molecular dynamics simulation of flexible POSS-linked (NHC; phosphine) Ru catalytic...
    A. Ahmadi, C. McBride, J.J. Freire, A. Kajetanowicz, J. Czaban, K. Grela
    Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 115, 12017-12024, (2011)

Education Profile

  • Ph.D., Chemistry, Institute of Organic Chemistry Polish Academy of Sciences, 2015
  • M. Sc. Chemistry, University of Bialystok, Faculty of Biology and Chemistry, 2007

Professional Profile

  • Postdoctoral fellow, KAUST, Thuwal, Saudi Arabia (2015 - present)
  • Chemist, Institute of Organic Chemistry PAS (2015 - present)

KAUST Affiliations

  • Advanced Membranes & Porous Materials Center
  • Physical Sciences and Engineering