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AMPM Center is currently seeking

  • Center Lab Manager

    The position is vital for the daily operations of the AMPM center, requiring a professional scientist with insights into research operations and ability to work either independently or collaboratively with affiliated principal investigators, researchers and laboratory staff. The Lab Manager plays an integral role in overseeing laboratory operations by leading the Lab support team and ensuring operational and scientific support to the researchers.  The position holder ensures that the laboratories and laboratory equipment are well maintained and upgraded as per research needs and complying with safety protocols. The Lab Manager oversees all instruments in the center and their daily operational effectiveness.

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  • Graduate Students

    Our faculty welcome high performing graduate students to our programs from all over the world.

    We require proven high ability (GPA scores), a strong work ethic and competency in English.

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  • Postdoctoral Fellowships

    ​Our faculty offer attractive Fellowships and unparalleled research faculties to attract the best available researchers globally.​

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  • Research scientists and technicians

    ​Our faculty and AMPM Center employ highly qualified scientists and other technical people to do and support original research.

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  • Vacancies

    Currently there are no staff vacancies in the Center.

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