Prof. Suzana Nunes joins AMPM Center

Oct 07 2018

AMPM Center Director, Prof. Mohamed Eddaoudi is delighted to welcome Prof. Suzana Nunes, Professor of Chemical and Environmental Science and Engineering, as a member of the center.  Certainly, Prof. Nunes will strengthen the liquid separation thrust in the Center. Her research program encompasses polymeric materials and their related membrane applications for the chemical and pharmaceutic industries.

Prof. Nunes leads the Nanostructured Polymeric Membrane Laboratory and joins the AMPM Center with an expert group including research scientists, postdoctoral fellows, and Ph.D. students.

She describes her research expertise and ongoing research activities: "The group is dedicated to the development of polymeric membranes, with expertise on different aspects of polymer science, including synthesis and functionalization, thermodynamics and self-assembly, 3D imaging by electron microscopy, and synchrotron scattering methods. The main goals are to extend the stability (thermal, solvent, etc.) and performance of membranes and to propose sustainable membrane manufacturing methods as flat-sheet and hollow fiber for application in the chemical industry and water sector".

Together we are stronger

Collaboration between various research groups is essential for reaching common goals and attain revolutionary discoveries.

"Since joining KAUST, I have been closely working with AMPM faculty, especially with Prof. Klaus-Viktor Peinemann on research pertaining to the study of block copolymers and their applications; resulting in sizeable publications in top-ranked peer-reviewed journals," Prof. Nunes notes.

"AMPM offers great opportunities for collaborations with experts in the field of advanced membranes and adsorbents to address the energy-intensive separations. In fact, we already started a project with the Matrix Mixed Membranes group within the center, and I am confident that working together we can achieve several successful results", she concludes.

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