Selective catalytic transformation of polystyrene into ethylbenzene over Fe-Cu-Co/Alumina

N. M. Aljabri, Z. Lai, K-W. Huang
Journal of Saudi Chemical Society, Volume 24, Issue 3, Pages 345-350, (2020)


Polystyrene, Catalytic-degradation, Ethylbenzene, Selective-conversion


​FeCuCo over aluminum oxide catalyst was prepared to catalytically degrade polystyrene (PS) into ethylbenzene (EB) under mild conditions. This catalyst was characterized by XRD, SEM, STEM-EELS, STEM-EDS, XPS, and physical properties. A significant selectivity toward EB formation at 250 °C was achieved in the absence of hydrogen with 82% liquid yield. End-chain session and cross-linking reactions are proposed to be the dominant pathways in the degradation of PS over FeCuCo to form EB.



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