Research Interests

​My research mainly focuses on membrane separation. Because the microstructure and physiochemical properties of membranes are essential for their specific separation applications, I have developed a strong background on membrane characterization by various techniques. I also have experience in self-assembly area and nanomaterials.

Selected Publications

  • Cyclodextrin Films with Fast Solvent Transport and Shape-Selective Permeability
    L. F. Villalobos, T Huang, K.-V. Peinemann
    Advanced Materials , (2017)
  • Sol-Gel Fabrication of a Non-Laminated Graphene Oxide Membrane for Oil/Water Separation.
    T. Huang, L. Zhang, H. Chen, C. Gao
    Journal of Materials Chemistry A 3, 19517-19524., (2015)
  • A Cross-Linking Graphene Oxide-Polyethyleneimine Hybrid Film Containing Ciprofloxacin: One-Step Preparation, Contro...
    T. Huang, L. Zhang, H. Chen, C. Gao
    Journal of Materials Chemistry B 3, (8), 1605-1611, (2015)
  • Formation of Cyclodextrin Monolayer through A Host-Guest Interaction with Tailor-Made Phenyltriethoxysilane Self-As...
    Y. Niu, T. Huang, Z. Zhou, G. Xu, L. Zhang, T. Wei
    Colloids and Surfaces A, 470, 224-229, (2015)
  • Structures, Dynamics, and Water Permeation Free Energy Across Bilayers of Lipid A and Its Analog Studied with Molec...
    T. Wei, T. Huang, B. Qiao, M. Zhang, H. Ma, L. Zhang
    Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 118, (46), 13202-13209, (2014)
  • A Novel Polysulfone-Based Affinity Membrane with High Hemocompatibility: Preparation and Endotoxin Elimination Perf...
    T. Huang, M. Zhang, L. Cheng, L. Zhang, M. Huang, Q. Xu, H. Chen
    RSC Advances, 3, (48), 25982-25988, (2013)

Education Profile

  • ​Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China, 2015

Professional Profile

  • ​2016 – Present: Postdoctoral fellow, KAUST, Thuwal, Saudi Arabia


  • ​Outstanding graduate of Zhejiang University, 2015
  • Dupont Scholarship, 2014
  • Award of Honor for Postgraduate Student of Zhejiang University, 2014