Journey of Jamaliah - Ph.D. Graduate!

Oct 02 2017

Jamaliah Aburabi'e at Founding Students Wall (KAUST) 

Jamaliah Aburabi'e proudly remembers her first day at KAUST as a Founding Student. Today, eight years later she leaves with Master and Doctoral degrees in her hands, ready to fly even higher. 

Jamaliah finished her Bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering at Jordan University of Science and Technology in 2008. She was selected to receive a KAUST Discovery Scholarship for Master's degree in Chemical Engineering at Advanced Membranes and Porous Materials Research Center. Her research topic was a literature review on natural gas sweetening using membranes, under the supervision of Prof. Ingo Pinnau "I am very happy and thankful to have been supervised by Prof. Ingo in my Master's research as he opened my eyes to membrane technology",  she said.

Once she obtained her Master's degree, she joined Prof. Klaus-Viktor Peinemann for Doctoral research. Jamaliah focused on the synthesis of polymers that have high resistance to organic solvents and prepare membranes with different morphologies for use in organic solvent nanofiltration applications. Her research has resulted in three publications, two submitted manuscripts and two patent applications – an excellent result!

Four months ago she successfully defended her Doctoral thesis and is now preparing to leave KAUST talking of her 'Learning Journey' and gratitude to Prof. Peinemann and AMPM Center. "I am deeply proud that I got the chance to work with Prof. Klaus for my Ph.D. as I have learned so much from him! Without his persistent advice, guidance and support this achievement would not have been possible. I always admired his knowledge, experience, passion and unlimited creative research ideas that inspired my interest and love for science. I will always be grateful for his generous attitude in helping above and beyond duty". She also added, "I am greatly thankful for my friends and my group, we have friendly, loving and supportive members who made this journey enjoyable".

"I have enjoyed my time here at AMPM Center. Everyone here is so friendly and helpful, I consider KAUST my home and AMPM Center my family", she continued.

Before leaving, Jamaliah wants to advise new students on how to make their KAUST experience unique: "KAUST offers many things to do and you only need to reach for them. You have everything, everything is in your hands".

AMPM Center wishes Dr. Jamaliah all the best!