Giuseppe Genduso, Ph.D.

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Research Scientist

Research Interest

Given his experience, Dr. Genduso’s research embraces a broad spectrum of topics of both the material and process engineering. In particular, he investigates:

  • Fundamental mechanisms that govern the selective transport of fluid mixtures in polymer and inorganic films — both from a sorption and diffusion point of view, and both experimentally and by model description. 
  • Structure-properties relationships for best selection/development of membrane materials for industrial fluid separations.
  • Energy-intensive gas-gas and liquid-liquid separations via membrane technology (e.g., CO2-CH4, olefin-paraffin, organic-organic separations).
  • Advanced desalination technologies for high-salinity sea and wastewaters.

Selected Publications

  • Permeation, sorption, and diffusion of CO2-CH4 mixtures in polymers of intrinsic microporosity: The effect of intra... 
    G. Genduso, Y. Wang, B.S. Ghanem, I. Pinnau
    Journal of Membrane Science, 584, pp. 100-109, (2019)
  • Mixed-gas sorption in polymers via a new barometric test system: sorption and diffusion of CO2-CH4 mixtures in poly... 
    G. Genduso, E. Litwiller, X. Ma, S. Zampini, I. Pinnau
    Journal of Membrane Science, volume 577, pp. 195-204, (2019)
  • Synthesis and Gas-Permeation Characterization of a Novel High-Surface Area Polyamide Derived from 1,3,6,8-Tetrameth... 
    G. Genduso, B.S. Ghanem, Y. Wang and I. Pinnau
    Polymers, 11(2), 361, (2019)
  • Experimental Mixed-Gas Permeability, Sorption and Diffusion of CO2-CH4 Mixtures in 6FDA-mPDA Polyimide Membrane: Un... 
    G. Genduso, B.S. Ghanem, I. Pinnau 
    Membranes, 9(1), 10, (2019)
  • Retrofitting of extractive distillation columns with high flux, low separation factor membranes: a way to reduce th... 
    Genduso G., Amelio A., Colombini E., Luis P, Degrève J, Van der Bruggen B.
    Chemical Engineering Research and Design, 109, 127-140 , (2016)
  • Overcoming any configuration limitation: an alternative operation mode for pervaporation and vapour permeation 
    G. Genduso, P. Luis, B. Van der Bruggen
    Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology 91, 4, 948-957, (2016)
  • Polyvinylidene fluoride dense membrane for the pervaporation of methyl acetate-methanol mixtures 
    G. Genduso, H. Farrokhzad, Y. Latré, S. Darvishmanesh, P. Luis, B. Van der Bruggen
    Journal of Membrane Science, 482, 128-136, (2015)
  • Deposition of very thin uniform indium sulfide layers over metallic nano-rods by the Spray-Ion Layer Gas Reaction m... 
    G. Genduso, R. Inguanta, C. Sunseri, S. Piazza, C. Kelch, R. Saez-Araoz, A. Zykov, C.H. Fi...
    Thin Solid Films, 548, 91-97, (2013)


  • Ph. D. in Chemical Engineering, KU Leuven (BE) - 2016
  • MSc in Chemical Engineering, University of Palermo (IT) – 2012 
  • BSc in Chemical Engineering, University of Palermo (IT) - 2009

Professional Profile

2016-2019: Postdoctoral fellow, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Thuwal (SA).


  • 2014/09 - Best oral presentation prize at IV International Scientific Conference on Pervaporation, Vapor Permeation, and Membrane Distillation - Torun (Poland).
  • 2012/07 - MSc graduation cum laude (with honors).
  • 2006/07, 2007/08, 2008/09, 2010/11 – Scholarship assigned by the Regional Authority for the Right to Higher Education (ERSU Palermo).

Research Interests Keywords

Pure and Mixed Gas Sorption Gas Permeation in Polymeric Membranes Thin-Film Membranes Synthesis Composite Membranes Synthesis Pervaporation of Organic Mixtures