Conference: ​​New Materials Horizon for Energy-Intensive Industrial Separations

​​​The conference is aimed at providing a unique forum for academic and industrial researchers to discuss high-impact research topics related to advanced materials science with a specific emphasis on potential solutions for more energy-inefficient industrial separation processes.  Specifically, the conference will focus on topics related to high-impact separation processes and clean environment performed in Saudi Arabia.  These separations include: 

  • Natural gas separations as gas sweetening, nitrogen removal, hydrocarbon removal, water vapor removal.
  • Petrochemicals separations as olefin/paraffin, isomers, hydrogen recovery, organic nano-filtration and clean environment as CO2 capture and storage.

A very important part of the conference will be the participation of delegates and speakers from global industries to guide high-impact research and to provide solutions for energy-intensive, large-scale industrial applications.

Event Quick Information

20 - 23 Feb, 2017
09:00 AM - 06:00 PM