Lead by experienced polymer chemists, the Materials Synthesis Laboratory features six fume hoods, ovens, rotary evaporators, glove boxes and all the necessary chemistry tools for the development of new polymer materials for gas and liquid separations.

The Membrane Formation Laboratory is equipped with a wide variety membrane-making tools including casting, spinning and coating instruments for the production of phase-inversion and thin-film composite membranes in both flat-sheet and hollow fiber configurations. Furthermore, tubular furnaces and UV crosslinking units are available for membrane modification in order to achieve better separation properties, mechanical or thermal stability.


Casting Machines

These casting machines allow easy and consistent production of phase-inversion membranes and the application of different types of coatings with high reproducibility.

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Spin Coaters

Spin-coating is another important method for creating thin-film composite membranes and modifying existing ones with custom-made coatings.

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Horizontal Single Zone Split Tube Furnace

This furnace can reach temperatures up to 1200 °C, which makes it quite versatile for heat-treating and pyrolysing polymeric precursors under different conditions (e.g., temperature and oxygen concentration).

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Hollow Fiber Spinning Machine

This custom-designed machine creates polymeric hollow fiber membranes using a technique called Diffusion Induced Phase Separation method (DIPS).

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