The polymer based multicomponent membranes laboratory is a fully functional membrane laboratory for up to 14 researchers. The laboratory offers all possibilities to prepare polymer solutions up to kg scale; to manufacture hollow fiber (mono and dual layer) - and flat sheet (wideness max. 10cm on endless fleece) membranes; and to characterize (permeability/rejection) membranes for gas and liquid applications. Additional a time lag apparatus as well as GPC, a pressure reactor and rotavapor are available.
Last but not least a small workshop is available for technical works e.g. membrane module manufacturing.


“Small” flat sheet casting machine

Our small flat sheet casting machine allows manufacturing membranes (drum width 12cm on endless fleece) continuously for lab scale applications. Therefore, an excellent reproducibility guarantees always the same highest membrane quality.

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Time lag machine

The time lag permeation technique has proven to be an effective method for characterization. Because of the simple nature of the permeation experiment, transport parameters can be directly obtained from experimental data

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Gel Pressure Chromatography (GPC)

A SECcurity GPC system based on Agilent technologies1200 series with PSS (Polymer standard service) software is available for membrane characterizations.

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Pressure Reactor

A pressure reactor (with reactor controller (4848) and stirrer) from PARR Instrument and Co. is available with a 400ml reactor.

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