Mohamed Eddaoudi, Ph.D.

​Center Director & ​Distinguished Professor of Chemical Science​

Research Interest: ​Design, synthesis, Functional Solid-State Materials, Molecular Building Blocks, Metal-Organic Framework, MOFs

Ingo Pinnau, Ph.D.

​Professor of Chemical ​Engineering

Research Interest: synthesis, High-performance polymers, High-performance membranes, Gas separation, Liquid Separation

Yu Han, Ph.D.

Professor of Chemical Science

Research Interest: synthesis, nanoporous, nanostructured, novel applications, Catalysis, separation, adsorption, sensing, laser

Khaled Nabil Salama, Ph.D.

Professor of Electrical Engineering

Research Interest: Chemical Sensor, biosesnsors, Intrumentation

Suzana Nunes, Ph.D.

​Professor of Chemical and Environmental Science and Engineering

Research Interest: ​Polymer science, Polymeric Membranes, synthesis, Functionalization and Nanostructuration, Surface Modification, Liquid Separation

Zhiping Lai, Ph.D.

​Associate Professor of ​Chemical Engineering

Research Interest: ​Inorganic membranes, porous structures, zeolites, mesoporous silica, carbon, metal-organic frameworks, polymeric materials

Niveen M. Khashab, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Chemical Science

Research Interest: ​Design, synthesis, smart programmable nanomaterials, controlled release and delivery, biomedical delivery

Gyorgy Szekely, Ph.D

​Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering

Research Interest: Nanofiltration, Molecular Imprinting, Green Process Engineering, Hybrid Processes, Membrane Reactors

Omar F. Mohammed, Ph.D.

​Associate Professor of Chemical and Material Sciences

Research Interest: ​Ultrafast Spectroscopy, 4D Electron Imaging, Computational Materials, Quantum Dots, Perosvkite Solar Cells, Light-Emitting Diodes, X-Ray imaging, Fluorescence Sensing, Interfacial Carrier Dynamics, Low Dimensional Materials, Surface and Interface Charge Carriers Dynamics

Cafer T. Yavuz, Ph.D.

​Professor of Chemical Science

Research Interest: ​CO₂ capture and conversion, Water treatment, Nanocatalysis, Methane storage, Water capture and splitting, Porous polymers, Nanometals and oxides