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Visiting Student Programs at the AMPM Center

The Advanced Membranes and Porous Materials (AMPM) Center is home to outstanding faculty, scientists and graduate students mandated with the vision to alleviate the energy penalty and prohibitive cost associated with the separation, purification and conversion of petroleum and other industrial commodities amounting to nearly 40% produced energy across the world. To do so, we train students and early-career researchers to design and deploy disruptive membrane- and/or sorbent-based technologies that mitigate this energy penalty, to exploit petroleum resources for other high-value uses, and to produce greener and cleaner chemical and fuel stocks and chemical processes

Liliana Da Silva is a visiting student from Portugal. She has spent 6 months in Prof. Suzana Nunes' group. We asked her, about her experience in KAUST.


AMPM Center offers talented undergraduate and postgraduate students the opportunity to intern and conduct research with world-class faculty --->


  • A strong academic record
  • Proficiency in verbal and written English


  • The length of the program ranges anywhere between 1- 6 months, depending on the research project.


  • A monthly stipend
  • Fully paid accommodation and relocation travel
  • Top quality social, sporting, a cultural activities
  • Access to cutting-edge research facilities


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Please fill in the application form below, and if shortlisted you will be contacted by the faculty member directly. All applications are given due consideration. 




Prof. Mohamed Eddaoudi

Functional Materials Design, Discovery & Development Laboratory (FMD3)

  • ​Made to order Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs) for energy sustainability and environmental security applications
  • Gas Separation
  • CO2 Capture Catalysis
  • CO2 Conversion
  • Gas Storage (H2, CH4)
  • Sensing Applications

Prof. Yu Han

Nanostructured Functional Materials Laboratory (NFM)​Synthesis of Novel Mesoporous Materials

  • High-Performance Membranes for Gas Separations
  • High Resolution (S)TEM Imaging
  • Nanostructured Particles, Crystals 
  • Composites and Assemblies
  • Catalytic Conversion of Fossil Fuel Components and Biomass



Prof. Ingo Pinnau

Membranes and Processes for Separation of Gasses and Liquids Laboratory

  • ​Polymers of Intrinsic Microporosity
  • Plasticization-Resistant Polymers
  • Nanocomposites
  • Hollow-Fiber Membranes
  • Natural Gas Separation
  • Air separation


Inorganic Membranes Research Laboratory

  • Novel Materials with Regular Pores
  • Ordered Porous Materials
  • Smart Hybrid Membranes
  • Gas and Liquid Separations
  • Catalysis for Sustainable Energy



Assoc. Prof. Niveen Khashab

Smart Hybrid Materials (SHMS) Laboratory

  • ​Stimuli Responsive Membranes
  • Nanocomposites
  • Environmental Catalysis

Asst. Prof. Gyorgy Szekely

Sustainable Separation Engineering Laboratory

  • ​Organic Solvent Nanofiltration
  • Catalytic Membrane Reactor
  • Process Intensification
  • Molecularly Imprinted Polymers


Prof. Khaled Salama

Sensors Laboratory

  • ​FET biosensors and gas sensors
  • Low power portable sensors




Prof. Suzana Nunes

Nanostructured Polymeric Membrane Laboratory

Sustainable membrane manufacture

  • Tailored pore morphology and functionality
  • Stimuli response for bio-separations