21 February, 2023

Professor Khashab receives the 2023 Cram Lehn Pedersen Prize in Supramolecular Chemistry

Professor of Chemistry Niveen Khashab, winner of the 2023 Cram Lehn Pedersen (CLP) Prize in Supramolecular Chemistry.

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19 February, 2023

Copper Iodide Inks for High-Resolution X-ray Imaging Screens

Prof. Omar F. Mohammed's group newest work on high-resolution X-ray imaging screens on the basis of Cu-based halide ink for medical radiography and nondestructive detection.

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09 February, 2023

Sensing water for smarter agriculture

MOF-based soil moisture monitoring device a step toward precision irrigation.

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05 February, 2023

Upcycled plastic membrane helps clean up waste

Plant-derived bio-solvents enable the sustainable conversion of plastic waste into valuable membrane materials.

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22 January, 2023

Principal Research Scientist

Congratulations to Dr. Osama Shekhah from FMD3 group for being promoted to Principal Research Scientist!

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08 January, 2023

Organic X-ray excitement for innovative imaging

Screens fabricated from organic materials show promise for improved X-ray imaging for medical and security settings.

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13 December, 2022

Young and Influential

Vincent Guillerm, a Research Scientist from Professor Mohamed Eddaoudi’s group, has recently been selected among the “2022 Class of Influential Researchers” by I&EC Research

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14 November, 2022

A message from the 2022 Nobel Chemistry Laureate

Professor Carolyn Bertozzi, wrote especially for AMPM center members. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us.

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14 November, 2022

A message from the 2022 Nobel Chemistry Laureate

Professor Morten Meldal, wrote especially for AMPM center members. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us.

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11 November, 2022

Researchers learn to engineer growth of crystalline materials.

Information on how to engineer the growth of crystalline materials from their building blocks has been scarce since the crystal growth is a typical self-assembling process. Now, first insights into engineering crystal growth by atomically precise metal nanoclusters have been achieved in a study performed by Prof. Yu Han in collaboration with researchers in Singapore and Finland.

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27 October, 2022


Design and computer modelling play a key role in developing chemical reactors and new separation processes for this multidisciplinary team.

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06 October, 2022

Taking salt out of the water equation

Ultrathin carbon membranes made from ordered polymer materials yield salt-free water quickly.

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30 August, 2022

Greening hydrocarbon separation and crude oil refining

Polymer-based membranes that selectively separate hydrocarbon and crude oil mixtures could eclipse current industrial thermal processes.

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21 August, 2022

New Visiting Professor

We have a new visiting professor from A. V. Topchiev Institute of Petrochemical Synthesis RAS, Russian Federation.

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18 August, 2022

Burning membranes for molecular sieving

Heat treatment shrinks polymer’s pores to enhance solvent filtration.

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04 August, 2022

Getting more out of light

Nanomaterials offer a way to get many electrical charges from each photon absorbed by a solar cell.

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25 July, 2022

Milking molecules from microbes

Selective membranes allow harvesting and concentration of valuable molecules from cultured microbes.

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23 June, 2022

Shaping the future of purification

Porous MOFs enable simple molecular separations based on mismatches in physical profiles.

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04 June, 2022

Refining petroleum with membranes.

Polymeric membranes may lower the energy requirement for oil refineries.

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03 June, 2022

Tailoring crystal morphology into nanosheets.

New mixed-matrix MOF membrane for highly efficient natural gas separation.

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