Pillar[n]arene-based Porous and Smart Materials

Abstract:  Pillar[n]arenes are a class of macrocycles with outstanding properties given by its electron-rich symmetric cavity and facile functionalization that allows to tune its solubility and host-guest properties. In this work, the versatility of pillar[n]arenes for the design of porous materials is studied.

Pillar[n]arenes are stable after guest removal, giving solvent-free phases and thus resulting in permanent porous structures. From simple ethyl pillar[5,6]arenes, nonporous adaptive crystals are obtained and studied for the adsorption and separation of butanol isomers. Then, an A1/A2 benzaldehyde-functionalized pillar[5]arene is used as a building block for the synthesis of an imine porous organic cage, which would result in a material with intrinsic and extrinsic porosity. Finally, a lipoic acid modified pillar[5]arene is implemented as ligand for nanoclusters, improving their stability. Taking advantage of the cavity of the pillar[5]arene, a host-guest complex is formed, enhancing the optical properties of nanoclusters.



Building 4, level 5, room 5209.

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07 Apr, 2022
08:30 AM - 09:30 AM