SPECIAL SEMINAR with Prof. Juan P. Hinestroza

We would like to invite you for a special seminar hosted by visiting Juan P. Hinestroza, Ph.D. , Rebecca Q. Morgan Professor of Fiber Science & Apparel Design at Cornell University.

TITLE: Can Nanotechnology be Fashionable? Exploring the intersection between science and design by merging 200 years of innovation history.

LOCATION: Building 9, Level 2, room 2322

TIME: 5th of October at 11.00am - 12.00pm



What an interesting title, you may think. But how is this related to my field of research? 

Natural fibers are fascinating materials. Fibers and textile structures can be found literally everywhere; in space, on earth and also under the sea. From the moment one wakes up to the moment we go back to sleep we are surrounded by fibers and textiles. 

Now, there are no textiles without design. That interface between science and design is the main focus of research team at the Textiles Nanotechnology Laboratory led by Prof. Juan.

Prof. Juan has worked on specific fibers for brands like FC Barcelona, Adidas, Victoria Secret, NASA, BMW, Nespresso and even US Army and airport security controls. His experience is various and fascinating so be ready to hear countless stories from real life application. During the seminar he will show some of their work at the interface of natural fibers and unique compounds like metal organic frameworks, nanoparticles, nanolayers, porous polymers and nanorods. He will also share how their work with designers have made them better scientists, and has enable the creation of fabrics that you thought, can exist only in science fiction movies. 

See you there!

Event Quick Information

05 Oct, 2022
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM