31 December, 2020

​Message from the AMPM Center Director, Prof. Mohamed Eddaoudi

​​We are about to say goodbye to the unforgettable 2020, and are ready to welcome 2021 with high hopes and great  Prof. Mohamed Eddaoudi_2019_4000pxspirits. 
Earlier this year, in March, we hosted the AMPM center conference, and it was a successful conference by all measures and on many fronts. Two eminent speakers gave their keynote lectures via Zoom from California and Kyoto. No one then would have guessed that a new trend was just born, and Zoom would be our daily platform for our meetings and teaching for the rest of 2020. 
We closed the labs and reopened partially, but research productivity didn’t stop and continuing our custom, we performed very well with top research publications. I want to take this opportunity to first congratulate all the members of AMPM for a very productive year, even under these very restrictive conditions. Well done, and kudos to all. Second, I want to wish you and all the members of your respective families a healthy and prosperous year 2021.
Happy new year and best wishes!

Prof. Mohamed Eddaoudi 

Thanks to all the AMPM members and our partners for your effort and support during this challenging year. Here’s a quick look at the most significant achievements of the year.

KAUST Research Conference

Advanced materials for energy-efficient separations: Addressing Vision 2030 and beyond

2 – 4 March 2020

KAUST Research Conference, organized by the AMPM Center, aimed at providing an exceptional forum for top scientists to discuss high-impact research topics related to advanced materials science with specific emphasis on potential solutions for energy-intensive separations in the context of energy security and environmental sustainability. The conference topics focused on recent developments pertaining to the use of membranes and porous materials in KAUST’s core research thrusts of Energy and Environment.



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International Recognition



The Distinguished Scientist Award is presented to scientists residing in Saudi Arabia who have distinguished scientific contributions in the fields of basic sciences, applied, development sciences, and innovation.
Professors Mohamed Eddaoudi, Yu Han, and Omar F. Mohammed Abdelsaboor from the Advanced Membranes and Porous Materials Center at KAUST were listed as the world’s most-cited researchers for 2020.Professor Zhipping Lai was recognized for pioneering contributions and sustained excellence in the field of metal-organic framework membranes for gas separations development.AMPM Center's Professor Suzana Nunes received the Leadership Excellence for Women Awards and Symposium (LEWAS) award for her expertise and outstanding contribution to the Chemical and Environmental Science and Engineering, Polymer and Membrane Science.
KAUST Professor and Program Chair of Chemical Engineering and founding Director of the Advanced Mem­branes and Porous Materials (AMPM) Center, lngo Pinnau, named a 2020 Fellow of the North American Membrane Society (NAMS).Giussepe Genduso, Research Scientist at the AMPM Center, was the recipient of the prestigious 2020 NAMS Young Membrane Scientist Awards, selected among five early-career researchers in membrane science and technology, and he has indeed chosen an influential field.



During 2020, AMPM Center scientists have published more than 170 articles in high-impact journals. Some of them have been featured in KAUST Discovery magazine, thus achieving greater digital media impact.

Here you can read some of the most popular of the year:

Sensing a heart attack before it strikes

A wearable electronic device that alerts at-risk patients and their doctors that an acute heart attack is imminent could be developed using sensor technology created at Sensor Lab.







Molecular pores for thought
Ultrathin porous films that can pluck out specific nanoscopic molecules could refine oil purification and drug development.







Thinking outside the cage
Molecular cages, in which guest molecules cling to the cages’ outer surfaces rather than enter an internal cavity, could cut the environmental impact of separating mixtures of industrial chemicals, research from SHMs and FMD3 labs.







New spin brings rapid rescue from oil spills.
Researchers from Prof. Gyorgy’s lab have identified a polymer that can be formed into robust, reusable mats to rapidly adsorb spilled oil, fuel, or organic solvents from the surface of fresh or saltwater.

Szekely_Discovery NSB








AMPM team has continued to grow in 2020. During this year, we have had the pleasure of welcoming to:

  • 2 Faculty

  • 1 Research Scientist

  • 15 Postdocs

  • 11 Ph.D. students

  • 5 Master students


Omar F. Mohammed Abdelsaboor


Associate Professor, Chemical Science

Physical Science and Engineering Division

Cafer Yavuz




Professor, Chemical Science
















2020 has been a difficult year, but also a rewarding one. Together, we've developed exciting research and technologies, and our team has managed to remain close and productive despite the distances.

The AMPM Center team wishes you all a healthy, happy, and productive 2021.