Ph.D. student Abdullah Almansouri featured on Saudi TV channel

02 December, 2019

​AMPM Center’s Ph.D. student, Abdullah Almansouri, was interviewed on Rotana Khalijia TV (a popular local TV channel part of Rotana Group) for his most recent work in the development of a novel magnetic skin technology.



Abdullah Almansouri earned his B.S. in Electronics and Communication Engineering from RMIT University of Australia and M.S. in Electrical Engineering from King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in 2013 and 2016 respectively. Currently, Abdullah is a Ph.D. student under the supervision of Prof. Khaled Nabil Salama and Prof. Jürgen Kosel. He is working on the field of energy harvesting, wireless powering, and environmental sensors.



The result of this research has been published and featured in the cover of the prestigious journal Advanced Materials Technology. His work has been also recently highlighted in KAUST Discovery magazine.

“The magnetic skin is basically a flexible and highly stretchable magnet that can take any shape of color. It also can have the same tone of the skin so it becomes invisible once we wear it on our bodies,” he says.

"This application is designed for the paralyzed people to allow them to move around, control the lights, control the curtains, or even to control a computer, to help them to live more independently", Abdullah explains. 


Liam Swanepole (left) and Abdullah Almansouri demonstrate the flexibility of their electronic skin.
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During the interview, Abdullah took the opportunity to thank KAUST and his thesis advisors for the continued support over the last few years.
“In my opinion, KAUST managed to bring the brightest minds in one place and provided the best environment to study and do research and paved all the difficulties away. I also would like to take the chance and acknowledge the people who participated in this work from the idea to all the way to reach the prototype. And then, from the prototype to become a startup,” he notes.
“Also, the ones who cared and heavily supported me and my challenges, my parents, my wife, and my family,” Abdullah concludes.
In the AMPM Center, we all feel very proud of our students, as their accomplishment is the result of hard work, effort, and dedication. Thank you for your valuable contribution to the AMPM Center mission and vision.