Who Will Win The #ChemNobel?

08 October, 2019

Winner names

Yu Han
Jiangtao Jia
Xiangrong Ying
Jiantang Li
Sheng Zhou
Yanjun Ding
Gyorgy Szekely
Lingmei Liu
Hao Jiang
Laila Elizabeth Khalil Cruz
Jiangtao Liu
Sharath Kandambeth
Wei Sun
Ainur Yerzhankyzy
Murtadha Aljubran
Somayah Qutub 
Emmanuel Alonso
Pichang Ai
Vinayak Kale
Jamilya Nauruzbayeva
Norah Alsadun
Daniela Carja



​As chemistry lovers, we eagerly await tomorrow’s announcement of the 2019 Nobel prize in chemistry. If you can correctly guess the winner, AMPM will sponsor a dinner for two at Al Marsa / Golf Club.

Hurry and send your predictions HERE

·        The deadline for submission closes 5 minutes before the award is announced (tomorrow)
·        All KAUST community members, including children, are eligible to participate
·        You can make 3 guesses, and even if one guess is correct you will be a winner
·        If multiple people guess the / a winner, all will be rewarded
·        We’ll announce the winners of this competition tomorrow afternoon


The poll of Nature Chemistry’s Editor in Chief, Stuart Cantrill about the Nobel prize winner:

A citation / number based prediction by Clarivate Analytics:
https://clarivate.com/webofsciencegroup/solutions/citation-laureates/ (And click on chemistry at the right hand panel)
Chemistry Views (magazine) prediction: