Aiman Fakieh

Master Students

MS/Ph.D. Student


Building 3, Level 3, Area 4, Sea Side, 3203-WS27

Research Interests

Designing wearable sensors for sport applications to meet market needs.

Selected Publications

  • AlGhamdi, W. S., Fakieh, A., Faber, H., Lin, Y.-H., Lin, W.-Z., Lu, P.-Y., Liu, C.-H., Salama, K. N., & Anthopoulos, T. D. Impact of layer thickness on the operating characteristics of In2O3/ZnO heterojunction thin-film transistors. Applied Physics Letters, 121(23), 233503. (2022).
  • Fakieh, A., Rmili, H., & Sobahi, N. Modeling and Characterizing of an Enhanced Practical Terahertz Photoconductive Antenna. Communications in Mathematics and Applications, 13(2), 783–793. (2022).


  • M.Sc. Electrical and Computer Engineering (Communication and Electronics Engineering), KAU, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
  • B.Sc. Electrical Engineering (Electronics and Communication), UQU , Makkah , Saudi Arabia.

Professional Profile

MS/Ph.D. student in electrophysics program, KAUST, Thuwal, Saudi Arabia


1st best poster award in King Abdulaziz University Winter Enrichment Program 2021 (KAUWEP2021)

KAUST Affiliations

CEMSE - Computer, Electrical and Mathematical Science and Engineering Division

Research Interests Keywords

wearable sensors Embedded systems Gas sensors