Carlos A. Grande, Ph.D.


Associate Professor, Chemical Engineering

Research Interests

Our group works with process intensification of separation and reaction processes. We will achieve this by scaling up and implementing new materials, shaping/formulating them into new shapes, or designing a new process configuration.

The group has a strong focus on process modeling and the digitalization of production systems. We also work on implementing new solutions based on advanced geometrical configurations manufactured by 3D printing. 

Our main objective is to design sustainable and affordable pathways to produce chemicals and pharmaceutical components.


Selected Publications

  • ​"Multi-purpose structured catalysts designed and manufactured by 3D printing", Lind, A.; Vistad, Ø.; Sunding, M. F.; Andreassen, K. A.; Cavka, J. H.; Grande, C. A. Materials & design, 2020, 187, 108377. 
  • "Shaping of metal-organic framework UiO-66 using alginates: effect of operation variables", Lee, D. W.; Didriksen, T.; Olsbye, U.; Blom, R.; Grande, C. A. Sep. Purif. Technol., 2020., 235, 116182 
  • "Evaluation of simplified pressure swing adsorption cycles for bio-methane production", Canevesi, R. L. S.; Andreassen, K. A.; Da Silva, E. A.; Borba, C. E.; Grande, C. A. Adsorption, 2019, 25, 783-793 
  • "Life-cycle assessment as a tool for eco-design of metal-organic frameworks (MOFs)", Grande, C. A.; Blom, R.; Spjelkavik, A.; Moreau, V.; Payet, J. Sust. Mater. Tech., 2017, 14, 11-18. 
  • "Multi-bed Vacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption for Carbon Dioxide Capture from Flue Gases", Liu, Z.; Grande, C. A.; Li, P.; Yu, J.; Rodrigues, A. E. Sep. Purif. Technol., 2011, 81, 307-317.


  • ​PhD, Chemical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering University of Porto, Portugal 
  • Diploma of Chemical Engineering (5 years degree), South University, Argentina

Research Interests Keywords

3D Printing shaping process intensification Modeling Life-Cycle-Assessment Gas separation Liquid Separation Reactor Design