Marwan Khayyat

Master Students

Master Student


B4, L3, 3316-WS17

Research Interests

Paraxylene is an essential chemical compound used in the production of polyester fibers and plastic materials. As the demand for this compound increases, the need for efficient separation and purification techniques also rises. Adsorption towers using molecular sieve have been widely used for paraxylene separation. The separation of paraxylene from other components in a mixture of xylene isomers is a complex process that requires the use of adsorption towers filled with molecular sieves. However, the continuous operation of such towers leads to deactivation of the molecular sieve, resulting in decreased efficiency and higher operating costs. In this project, it is proposed to simulate the paraxylene adsorption tower and develop a deactivation model for the molecular sieve to optimize the tower's efficiency.

Selected Publications

  • Online Feature: Crude C4 alternatives for a successful grassroots petrochemicals project, Hydrocarbon processing, J. Delgado, M. Khvastunkov, M. Khayyat, A. Marri, and A. Mulhim (2022).

  • Olefins removal at lower cost; A replacement catalyst technology for olefins removal in an aromatics complex delivered significant economic and environmental benefits, PTQ, Marwan Khayyat (2022)


  • BSc, in applied chemical engineering, KFUPM, 2011
  • Graduate Diploma in refining and petrochemical, IFP-training, 2013

Professional Profile

  • 2010: Coop student, Tasnee
  • 2011 - 2014: Operation engineer, SATORP
  • 2012 - 2013: On-Job Training student, process engineer, Zeeland Refinery
  • 2014 - 2015: Process engineer, Sabic
  • 2015 - till now: Aromatics process engineer, Saudi Aramco

KAUST Affiliations

PSE - Physical and Engineering Division

Research Interests Keywords

Liquid adsorption H2 generation CO2 Capture clean fuel Aromatics production and extraction simulation process intensification process optimization