Pedro Augusto Silva de Moura

Postdoctoral Fellows

Postdoctoral fellow


Building 4, Level 3, 3316-WS18

Research Interests

He is a researcher in the area of adsorption, in separation, purification and storage processes. Acting from the development of new adsorbent materials and their textural characterization, obtaining fundamental data, adsorption kinetics, until its application in cyclic separation processes.

Selected Publications

  • MOURA, P.A.S.; RODRÍGUEZ-AGUADO, E. ; MAIA, D.A.S. ; MELO, D.C. ; SINGH, R. ; VALENCIA, S. ; WEBLEY, P.A. ; REY, F. ; BASTOS-NETO, M. ; RODRÍGUEZ-CASTELLÓN, E. ; AZEVEDO, D.C.S. . Water Adsorption and Hydrothermal Stability of CHA Zeolites with Different Si/Al Ratios and Compensating Cations. CATALYSIS TODAY, v. 00, p. 00, 2021.
  • MOURA, P. A. S.; VILARRASA-GARCIA, E. ; MAIA, D. A. S. ; BASTOS-NETO, M. ; ANIA, C. O. ; PARRA, J. B. ; AZEVEDO, D. C. S. . Assessing the potential of nanoporous carbon adsorbents from polyethylene terephthalate (PET) to separate CO2 from flue gas. ADSORPTION (DORDRECHT. ONLINE), v. 24, p. 279-291, 2018.
  • MOURA, P. A. S.; BEZERRA, D. P. ; VILARRASA-GARCIA, E. ; BASTOS-NETO, M. ; AZEVEDO, D. C. S. . Adsorption equilibria of CO2 and CH4 in cation-exchanged zeolites 13X. Adsorption (Boston), v. 22, p. 71-80, 2015.


  • Ph.D., Cotutela Doctorate in Chemical Engineering, Federal University of Ceará, Fortaleza, Brazil; and Inorganic Chemistry, University of Málaga, Malaga, Spain (2022).
  • Master in Chemical Engineering, Federal University of Ceará, Fortaleza, Brazil (2017).
  • Graduated in Chemical Engineering, Federal University of Ceará, Fortaleza, Brazil (2015).

Professional Profile

  • 2022, May to 2022, Aug| Postdoctoral Fellowship: Research Group on Adsorption Separations, Federal University of Ceará 
  • 2022, Aug to present| Postdoctoral Fellowship: Advanced Membranes & Porous Materials - AMPM, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology 

Scientific and Professional Membership

Polytechnic University of València: València, Comunitat Valenciana, Spain
2020, Jan to 2020, Jul | PhD Student (Institute of Chemical Technology)

Federal University of São Carlos, Laboratory of Adsorption and Applied Catalysis: São Carlos, São Paulo, Brazil
2019, Mar to 2019, Jul | PhD student (Chemical Engineering Department)

Laboratory of Nanostructured Materials: Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazil
2018, Sep to 2019, Jan | PhD Student (Inorganic Chemistry, Faculty of Sciences)

Science and Technology Institute of Carbon: Oviedo, Asturias, ES
2016, Mar to 2016, Jun | Master Student (Adsorption and environmental protection on porous solids)

Member of the Council of Engineering and Architecture - CREA (Brazil) 

Member of the Royal Spanish Society of Chemistry (Spain).


Primer Award "Giorgio Zgrablich", Universidad de los Andes, Colombia (2015).

KAUST Affiliations

PSE - Physical and Engineering Division

Research Interests Keywords

Gas and liquid adsorption Fundamentals of adsorption CO2 Capture Hydrothermal stability