Shanshan Zhang

Postdoctoral Fellows

Postdoc Fellow

Research Interests

Study the microscopic properties of surface/interface defects and defect passivation in perovskite thin-films and energy loss mechanism in Perovskite solar cells

Selected Publications

  • Shanshan Zhang,* Christian M. Wolff, Paul Meredith, Paul L. Burn, Dieter Neher and Martin Stolterfoht* Defect/interface recombination limited quasi-Fermi level splitting and open-circuit voltage in mono- and triple cation perovskites solar cells. ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 2020, 12, 33, 37647–37656
  • Shanshan Zhang, Seyed Mehrdad Hosseini, René Gunder, Petsiuk, Andrei, Pietro Caprioglio, Christian M. Wolff, Safa Shoaee, Paul Meredith, Susan Schorr, Thomas Unold, Paul L. Burn, Dieter Neher, Martin Stolterfoht* Bulk, interface and charge transport loss mechanisms in high efficiency low dimensional perovskite solar cells, Adv. Mater, 2019. 10.1002/adma.201901090
  • Shanshan Zhang, Martin Stolterfoht, Ardalan Armin, Qianqian Lin, Fengshuo Zu, Jan Sobus, Hui Jin, Norbert Koch, Paul Meredith, Paul L. Burn*, and Dieter Neher* Interface Engineering of Solution-Processed Hybrid Organohalide Perovskite Solar Cells, ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 2018, 10(25), pp 21681–21687
  • Martin Stolterfoht, Christian M. Wolff, José A. Márquez, Shanshan Zhang, Charles J. Hages, Daniel Rothhardt, Steve Albrecht, Paul L. Burn, Paul Meredith, Thomas Unold , and Dieter Neher* Visualization and suppression of interfacial recombination for high-efficiency large-area pin perovskite solar cells, Nature energy, 2018, 3, pp 847–854 


  • Postgraduate Study (Ph.D.), University of Queensland, Australia,
    Perovskite Solar Cells: Working Principles, Materials, and Interfaces 

Research Interests Keywords

Thin-film semiconductors Photovoltaic solar cells Ultrafast Laser Spectroscopy and Four-dimensional Electron Imaging