Sujan Mondal

Postdoctoral Fellows

Postdoctoral Researcher


3315-WS07, 3rd Floor, Building 4

Research Interests

My chief research interest lies in the development of novel organic or organic-inorganic hybrid nanoporous materials and exploring their emerging application in the field of adsorption, ion exchange, gas storage, solar cell, catalysis and other frontline areas of energy research.

Selected Publications

  • A metal-free reduced graphene oxide coupled covalent imine network as an anode material for lithium-ion batteries
    S. Mondal, S. Ruidas, K. K Halankar, B. P Mandal, S. Dalapati and A. Bhaumik
    Energy Advances, 2022.
  • Nanoarchitectonics of Metal-Free Porous Polyketone as Photocatalytic Assemblies for Artificial Photosynthesis
    S. Mondal, N. S. Powar, R. Paul, H. Kwon, N. Das, B. M. Wong, S. -Il. In, J. Mondal
    ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 14 (1), 771-783, 2021.
  • A Thiadiazole Based Covalent Organic Framework: A Metal-free Electrocatalyst toward Oxygen Evolution Reaction
    S. Mondal, B. Mohanty, M. Nurhuda, S. Dalapati, M. Addicoat, B. K. Jena and A. Bhaumik
    ACS Catalysis, 10, 5623-5630, 2020.
  • Thioether-Functionalized Covalent Triazine Nanospheres: A Robust Adsorbent for Mercury Removal 
    S. Mondal, S. Chatterjee, S. Mondal and A. Bhaumik 
    ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, 7, 7353-7361, 2019.
  • A Metal-Free Covalent Organic Polymer for Electrocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution
    B. C. Patra, S. Khilari, R. N. Manna, S. Mondal, D. Pradhan, A. Pradhan and A. Bhaumik. 
    ACS Catalysis, 7 (9), 6120-6127, 2017.
  • A Facile Approach for the Synthesis of Hydroxyl-rich Microporous Organic Networks for Efficient CO2 Capture and H2 Storage. 
    S. Mondal, S. K. Kundu and A. Bhaumik
    Chemical Communications, 53 (18), 2752-2755, 2017.
  • Magnetic Nanohybrid Decorated Porous Organic Polymer: Synergistic Catalyst for High Performance Levulinic Acid Hydrogenation
    S. Mondal, K. Dhanalaxmi, R. Singuru, L. Bai, B. M. Reddy, J. Mondal and A. Bhaumik
    ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, 5 (1), 1033-1045, 2017.
  • One-Pot Synthesis of Polyhydroquinoline Derivatives through Organic-Solid-Acid-Catalyzed Hantzsch Condensation Reaction S. Mondal, B. C. Patra and A. Bhaumik 
    ChemCatChem, 9 (8), 1469-1475, 2017.
  • Sulfonated Porous Polymeric Nanofibers as an Efficient Solid Acid Catalyst for the Production of 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural from Biomass 
    S. Mondal, J. Mondal and A. Bhaumik
    ChemCatChem, 7 (21), 3570-3578, 2015.


  • Ph.D. in Chemistry (Materials Science), IACS Kolkata, Jadavpur, Kolkata, West Bengal, India. 2019
  • M.Sc. in Chemistry, IIT Guwahati, Guwahati, Assam, India. 2013
  • B.Sc. in Chemistry, Krishnath College (University of Kalyani), Berhampore, India. 2011

Professional Profile

  • Sep 2022 onwards: Postdoctoral researcher, KAUST, Thuwal, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • May 2021 - June 2022: Research Associate, IISER Mohali, SAS Nagar, India
  • Oct 2019 - Mar 2021: Research Associate, Amity University, Newtown, Kolkata, India.
  • July 2019 - Oct 2019: Research Associate, IACS Kolkata, Jadavpur, Kolkata, India. 

KAUST Affiliations

PSE - Physical and Engineering Division

Research Interests Keywords

Nanoporous materials Gas storage CO2 capture and conversion Environmental remediation Heterogeneous catalysis1