Wojciech Ogieglo, Ph.D.

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Research Scientist

Research Interests

Research interests evolve around membrane technology and engineering, particularly interested in the fundamentals of molecular-level interactions between ultra-thin super-glassy polymer membranes and separated mixtures, as well as in physics of penetrant induced glass transition and swelling of ultra-thin polymer layers.

Selected Publications

  • How Do Organic Vapors Swell Ultrathin Films of Polymer of Intrinsic Microporosity PIM-1? 
    W. Ogieglo, R. Khosorov, S.B. Rauer, B. Ghanem, X. Ma, I. Pinnau, M. Wessling
    Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 121, 7210-7220, (2017)
  • How Much Do Ultrathin Polymers with Intrinsic Microporosity Swell in Liquids? 
    W. Ogieglo, B. Ghanem, X. Ma, I. Pinnau, M. Wessling
    Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 120, 10403-10410, (2016)
  • Ultra-High Proton/Vanadium Selectivity for Hydrophobic Polymer Membranes with Intrinsic Nanopores for Redox Flow Ba... 
    I.S. Chae, T. Luo, G.H. Moon, W. Ogieglo, Y.S. Kang, M. Wessling
    Advanced Energy Materials, 16, 1600517, (2016)
  • In situ ellipsometry studies on swelling of thin polymer films: A review 
    W. Ogieglo, H. Wormeester, K.J. Eichhorn, M. Wessling, N.E. Benes
    Progress in Polymer Science, 42, 42-78, (2015)
  • Polymer relaxations in thin films in the vicinity of a penetrant- or temperature-induced glass transition 
    W. Ogieglo, M. Wessling, N.E. Benes
    Macromolecules, 11, 3654-3660, (2014)
  • Effective medium approximations for penetrant sorption in glassy polymers accounting for excess free volume 
    W. Ogieglo, H. Wormeester, M. Wessling, N.E. Benes
    Polymer (United Kingdom), 7, (2014)
  • N-Hexane induced swelling of thin PDMS films under non-equilibrium nanofiltration permeation conditions, resolved b... 
    W. Ogieglo, H. van der Werf, K. Tempelman, H. Wormeester, M. Wessling, A. Nijmeijer, N.E. ...
    Journal of Membrane Science, 437, 313-323, (2013)
  • Temperature-induced transition of the diffusion mechanism of n-hexane in ultra-thin polystyrene films, resolved by ... 
    W. Ogieglo, H. Wormeester, M. Wessling, N.E. Benes
    Polymer (United Kingdom), 54, 341-348, (2013)
  • Spectroscopic ellipsometry analysis of a thin film composite membrane consisting of polysulfone on a porous α-alumi... 
    W. Ogieglo, H. Wormeester, M. Wessling, N.E. Benes
    ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 4, 935-943, (2012)


Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, University of Twente, The Netherlands, 2014

Double M.Sc. in Applied Chemistry/Polymer Technology at Cracow University of Technology, Poland, and Münster University of Applied Sciences, Germany, 2009

B. Sc. in Chemical Engineering, Cracow University of Technology, Poland

Professional Profile

2015–2017 Postdoctoral Fellow at the DWI Leibniz Institute for Interactive Materials, Germany

2014–2015 Postdoctoral Fellow at the Institute for Sustainable Process Technology, The Netherlands


February 2017      Best poster prize at New Materials Horizon for Energy Intensive Industrial Separations, KAUST, Saudi Arabia

March 2015          2nd place award of the Dutch Challa Polymeer Prijs 2015 awarded for the best PhD dissertation in the field of      polymer chemistry/technology in The Netherlands for years 2013 and 2014

March 2014      PhD graduation with honors (cum laude)

June 2013            Finalist of LANXESS Talent Award, Summerschool DWI/RWTH in Aachen, Germany

September 2012   Best oral presentation prize at Euromembrane 2012 Conference London, UK

March 2012          Paul Drude Medal awarded to young scientists for their contributions in the field of spectroscopic ellipsometry, best oral presentation at 7th Workshop Ellipsometry, Leipzig, Germany

Research Interests Keywords

​Composite membranes membrane technology Gas separation ultra-thin polymer films physics of glasses swelling phenomena