21 August, 2022

New Visiting Professor

We have a new visiting professor from A. V. Topchiev Institute of Petrochemical Synthesis RAS, Russian Federation.

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18 August, 2022

Burning membranes for molecular sieving

Heat treatment shrinks polymer’s pores to enhance solvent filtration.

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04 August, 2022

Getting more out of light

Nanomaterials offer a way to get many electrical charges from each photon absorbed by a solar cell.

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25 July, 2022

Milking molecules from microbes

Selective membranes allow harvesting and concentration of valuable molecules from cultured microbes.

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23 June, 2022

Shaping the future of purification

Porous MOFs enable simple molecular separations based on mismatches in physical profiles.

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04 June, 2022

Refining petroleum with membranes.

Polymeric membranes may lower the energy requirement for oil refineries.

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03 June, 2022

Tailoring crystal morphology into nanosheets.

New mixed-matrix MOF membrane for highly efficient natural gas separation.

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29 May, 2022

From a Ph.D. to a Research Scientist

Zain Ali, a research scientist from Professor Ingo Pinnau’s group, recently spoke to us to discuss his career in science, his journey at KAUST, maintaining a healthy work-life balance, and his deep love for both his research and his family.

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26 May, 2022

A Nobel pursuit: From the Eastern Province to Lindau

“I am thrilled to get the opportunity to represent KAUST at Lindau. I believe I will get exceptional experience and valuable feedback from the top scientific experts, which will undoubtedly benefit my future career choice,” - Mram Alyami

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18 May, 2022

Abdullah Al-Ghamdi, received Regeneron Young Scientist Awards at ISEF

Abdullah Al-Ghamdi, 17, of Dammam, Saudi Arabia, who did a Winter Internship Program at Prof. Eddaoudi's group, received one of two Regeneron Young Scientist Awards of $50,000

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10 April, 2022

Good gene therapy comes in small packages

In biomedicine, metal-organic frameworks can be used to deliver pharmaceuticals around the human body. A KAUST-led team has developed a MOF-based system for getting DNA across cell membranes into target cells.

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10 March, 2022

Easing oxygen's evolution

An electrode made from inexpensive earth-abundant metals bubbles with potential for green fuel production.

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03 March, 2022

Super scintillators enable X-ray detection at an ultralow level

Sensitive and flexible scintillation screens bring better X-ray imaging.

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23 February, 2022

Perovskites used to make efficient artificial retina

Inspired by the human eye, a neuromorphic vision system recognizes handwritten numbers.

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20 February, 2022

A date for greener membranes

Membranes made from date seed biomass could provide a greener and more cost-effective alternative for industrial separation.

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27 January, 2022

Shrimply the best composite membranes

A team of KAUST chemical engineers has designed a sustainable thin-film composite membrane made from a natural nontoxic polymer derived from shrimp shell waste.

Copyright © 2022, American Chemical Society. Original artwork created by Hassan Tahini, KAUST.

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20 December, 2021


Congratulations to all AMPM Center Graduates of this 2021 year and all the ones who did not have their ceremony in 2020, due to the COVID pandemic, and were celebrating with 2021 graduates!

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16 November, 2021

Highly Cited Researchers 2021

We are proud to have three of our @AMPM_Center faculty listed once again in the 2021 List of Highly Cited Researchers, by Clarivate. Prof. Mohamed Eddaoudi, Prof. Yu Han and Prof. Omar F. Mohammed Abdelsaboor. Congratulations on well-deserved recognition!

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